Third Sunday Blog Carnival: December 2013

433418_65946420Welcome to the Third Sunday Blog Carnival!

Today’s edition of the blog carnival will be the last one for which I will accept submissions. We’ve been on a wonderful journey of discovery these past two years: We’ve featured hundreds of posts from incredibly talented writers. It’s been my distinct honor to have given them a forum.

Not only did you share your work with us but also your heart and soul. You believed in the spirit of self expression and encouragement I tried to foster here and you helped form the community around those ideas. Thank you.

Nearly every blogger featured here contributed more than once to the carnival. At the core were the lovely writers (you all know who you are!) who entrusted their posts to us regularly, month after month. Because of our “regulars,” the carnival was guaranteed to have quality content each and every time. My heartfelt thanks for your support. It has meant more than you know.

Last but not least, I want to thank the readers. Thank you for your kind comments and enthusiasm. Thank you for your critical eye. At the end of the day, the reader is why the writer exists.

What lies ahead?  The Carnival will continue but in a different form. Starting in January 2014, the monthly posts  will contain literary news, calls for submissions, mini author interviews, and more. I would still like it to be a collaborative effort and I’ll give details soon on how you can participate. So stay tuned!

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On to the Carnival. Enjoy!

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David Selzer presents The Definitive History of Venice posted at David Selzer.


R.A.D. presents If Our Clocks Rotated Without Refrain (Villanelle # 1) posted at RAD is RADically Primetime!, saying, “Braid passion and pride with love, not constrain.”

Markeyus Franks presents Listen to the Echoes posted at Live2Conquer.

Shiva presents To be or Not to Be posted at Where the Mind is Without Fear, saying, “This is a poem I wrote for the Write Tribe as part of the World Suicide Prevention Day awareness program. I have encountered two suicide cases  in my life, and I have seen what despair and remorse they leave in their wake. I feel guilty that I could not help those souls to go on fighting and not quit. But if this reaches a single person contemplating ‘to be or not to be’ and it jolts him or her back to living, I will consider it worth my life.”

Leo Martinez presents GUM + WINE posted at Versus Verses saying, “This is a collection of poems. The reasoning behind the title comes from the bitterness one receives from combining the two tastes, which is open for interpretation. On one end, one has the sweet (temporary) and infinite (chewing) that is the gum until disposable. On the other end, one has the bitter (fermented) and elated (alcohol) effects of wine that is longing (impaired judgment of mood) and a social lubricant (the need to communicate). The collection of poems covers various subjects having to do with, and not limited to: late night meetings that release confessions, whispering with strangers, the routines of distance and disconnections with city life and relationships, etc. Be sure to bring some eyebrows to raise on this one.”

A.D. Joyce presents seasonal madness posted at Sweepy Jean Explores the (Webby) World.


Kimberly Raya presents Death by Narcissism at Kim Saeed’s Let Me Reach with Kim Saeed, saying, “This flash-fiction piece illustrates the covert methods used by a narcissist to kill your soul.”

The Writing Life

“Kayfey” “Inprettyprint” & “Angry Goblin” presents 2nd Interview with Ms. MaryAnn Kempher! posted at In Pretty Print – A Writing and Artist Life…Ongoing, saying, “I interviewed author MaryAnn Kempher in April 2013 about her debut novel Mocha, Moonlight, and Murder. The sequel Forever Doomed was released this December 2nd!”

Chrys Fey presents Ten Tips On How To Be A Better Writer posted at Write With Fey, saying, “Throughout my writing journey, which started eleven years ago, I have learned a lot about writing. And I want to share with you what has made me a better writer.”

Randy Ross presents Top Secret Work Habits of the Successful Novelist posted at The Loneliest Planet by Randy Ross, saying, “Recently, I’ve been working on my novel at the local library, where I don’t have Web access to distract me. Last week, a successful novelist started coming in to work on what I’m assuming is his next book. So, I’ve had the good fortune to observe his routine, which I’d like to share.”

Andre Cruz presents 5 Creative Writing Prompts to Break Your Writer’s Block posted at The Word.

Lovelyn presents Interview with an Author: A.D. Koboah posted at H. Lovelyn Bettison, saying, ” This is an interview with A.D. Koboah, author of Peace and Dark Genesis. In it, she talks about her inspiration for writing Peace and her attraction to dark subject matter.”


Nischala Murthy Kaushik presents How Social Media can really help Writers/Bloggers? posted at Nischala’s Space, Thoughts, Expressions.

Ebele Mogo presents There is a story inside of you posted at Street-side convos, saying, “This post is about becoming the hero of the story inside of you.”


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