Special Issue: Reader’s Choice – 2012


Welcome to the first ever Reader’s Choice edition of the Third Sunday Blog Carnival!

In 2012, the Carnival hosted 399 posts: 154 in the Poetry category, 91 in the Fiction category, and 154 in the Writing Life category.

As I have been telling you recently, the response from readers in nominating their favorite posts of 2012 was scant. I have to admit that I considered not putting this issue out as planned.

But the fact is, I did receive some responses and I respect the time each person took to contact me with his or her choice. Each vote matters.

Special Recognition

If you’ll indulge me for a moment, I want to give a shout out to the writers who have contributed their links to the blog carnival more than once and those who contribute  regularly: I applaud the consistent quality of your work, your passion to share your talent with the world, and your vote of confidence in the blog carnival as a platform for your efforts. Thank you for what you do and for your support.

Second, I want to single out a post that is special to me. It was written by Sancheeta Biswas, a sweet and unassuming blogger I had the pleasure of meeting. We visited and commented on each other’s blogs from time to time. She was always warm and encouraging.

Of all the many bloggers I know, Sancheeta was among the very first to submit her link when I first started the blog carnival. She expressed her excitement about the opportunity and praised the idea. I was truly grateful for this encouragement and told her so. As is turns out, Sancheeta would die a couple of months later, which was a blow to those of us she graced with her beautiful presence.

Here is her entry as it appeared in the January 2012  issue of the blog carnival:

Sancheeta Biswas presents Search for the Divine Soul posted at Sensitivity, saying, “This is my first English language poem that I wrote long back. I was infused in spiritual thoughts, which inspired me to write this poem. Consciously or in the subconscious stage, we all are in search of a divine soul at some point in life. aren’t we?” This has a great flow and forward movement. The conversation with the sun is rather amazing. (In the poetry section)

The Post With the Most

There were a few posts nominated by readers, including one of mine. (Just letting you know that I didn’t nominate myself!) However, of all the individual posts, this next one from Chrys Feys received the most votes by a mile. Congratulations, Chrys!

Chrys Fey presents Catching A Spark posted at Write With Fey, saying, “All writers are on search for a worthy idea to transform into a story, but where do we find these sparks? The truth is a story idea can come from anywhere; you just have to be ready to receive it.” A great article on finding inspiration. (December; in the writing section)

More Reader Choices

The following are the other posts that received votes by readers. Enjoy!

Catrina Barton presents First Chapters posted at kittyb78, saying, “First chapters are vital to a successful book, but do you know why? If not, this article may the most important one you read before submitting a manuscript for publication. it details the many jobs a first chapter must complete in order to do its job properly.” This invaluable advice hits the nail on the head. (May; in the writing section)


Catrina Barton presents Silver Linings posted at Kitty’s Inner Thoughts, saying, “It is so important to remember to look for the positives, even if it’s something small and seemingly trivial. Otherwise all you will see are the negatives.” Best advice ever. (August; in the writing section)


A. D. Joyce presents Is Poetry Fiction or Non-Fiction? posted at Sweepy Jean Explores the (Webby) World. I thought this was a question with a  simple answer but it seems the solution is filled with gray areas. What ‘s your opinion? (September; in the writing section)


Jim Liston presents Second Chance posted at jimsgotweb.com, saying, “Seldom in life do we get a second chance, so, when I got a phone call from an ex-girlfriend that had dumped him 3 years ago and wanted to get a drink, he accepted.  What did he have to lose?”This is the very interesting beginning of a multipart story. It reminds me of “noir”–tawdry, dangerous, and an interesting ride. (September; in the fiction section)


Catrina Barton presents RPGs = Better Scenes? posted at Kitty’s Inner Thoughts, saying, “Did you know that playing RPGs like Guild Wars can help improve your writing? Seriously!” As a long-time fan of role-playing games (RPGs) for the computer (going back to Zork!), I really enjoyed this post. (December; in the writing section)


Melissa Steyn presents Under My Skin! posted at medusamoon. This is a raw and unflinching interior monologue of a woman taking a hard look her personal life. (December; in the fiction section)


the house of mirrors
a fractured lake of faces
at the carnival

Thanks for reading!
© Third Sunday Blog Carnival, 2013.


5 thoughts on “Special Issue: Reader’s Choice – 2012

  1. Congrats! Lots of good writing here on the blog. (I’ve cut back my writing and blogging drastically due to health issues.)

  2. This is great! So sorry for not being more involved but life has taken complete hold over my timings! I miss the presence of Sancheeta’s words always…. THanks for sharing this sweets!

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