Third Sunday Blog Carnival: March 2013

629080_88213075Top of the morning and welcome to the Third Sunday Blog Carnival!

This month’s edition is brought to you by 19  bloggers: 6 in the Poetry category, 4 in the Fiction category, and 9 in the Writing Life category.

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Now, let the Carnival begin! Enjoy!

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SpintoLovesScotch presents In the Magic Mirror posted at Noirisms, saying, “This poem in particular deals with the illusion of success that my very new opera career gives in comparison to the poverty I’ve experienced throughout my life and the constant struggle to live and survive as an artist. Lusting after mid-priced wine caused me to remember my time spent in Chicago and the disillusionment I often felt.”

Stephanie Force presents Knowbody posted at An Organized Mess (My Life), saying, “In this poem, I describe what happens when two people become friends and then drift apart.”

David Selzer presents ‘East End Girl Dancing the Lambeth Walk’: Bill Brandt posted at David Selzer.

R.A.D. presents Dandy’s Flying posted at RAD is RADically Primetime!, saying, “And I’ll remember him as a ‘best’ friend. And a hell of a dog.”

Paddy O’Lanterns presents The Seed posted at Paddy O’Lanterns.

A. D. Joyce presents The Poetry Workshop posted at Sweepy Jean Explores the (Webby) World, saying, “This poem actually was the result of a workshop I attended.”


Alex Clermont presents Angels posted at The (Official) Website of Alex, saying, “This is a short story about a woman who is forced to think about her family, her life and some of the hard choices that come with each.”

Lara Whitmore presents Episode One: Chantler, Greenland posted at Live Creatively, saying, “In the post-petroleum future, Jacky Conrad sails aboard a full-rigged cargo vessel while braving the dangers of the black market, piratical thieves, and the secret to alternative power. With old enemies and new strangers lurking in every port, ‘The Spitfire Tales of Jacky Conrad’ is an episodic adventure of risk, determination, and survival.”

M.L.Hall presents “The Apprentice” Sample posted at M.L. Hall, saying, “These are two sample chapters from my new release.”

Marisa Wikramanayake presents Sedition snippet posted at Marisa Wikramanayake.

The Writing Life

Andrew Blackman presents The Two Letters That Will Help You Write Faster posted at the Renegade Writing, saying, “This is a series of tips on writing more quickly by using the journalistic shorthand ‘TK’ to help separate the writing process from the research process, avoid distractions, fight writer’s block, and eliminate wasted effort.”

Tricia Clark presents The Writer in You posted at Your Chart, Illuminated, saying, “Here is Mercury and what power he gives you on paper. Acquire insight with astrology into your writing style and find your voice.”

Jon Rhodes presents How To Be A More Interesting Blogger posted at Affiliate Help, saying, “It is far easier to market interesting content. Here’s how to be a more interesting blogger.

Jocelyn Crawley presents Writing Tips: Writing About Lost Objects posted at Jocelyn Crawley, saying, “In this article, I talk about how lost objects can be a good writing prompt. This article has links to several other articles I’ve written with writing tips.”

Chrys Fey presents Formatting Your Manuscript posted at Write With Fey, saying, “Learning how to format a manuscript can be tricky but it is an essential part of writing–especially if you hope to be published! This post will tell you everything you need to know so that you can format your manuscript correctly.”

Samir Bharadwaj presents Evolving Your Writing Voice posted at Samir, saying, “As a writer, sounding unique and developing your own voice and writting personality can be a challenge. Here are some tips to get you started.”

Catrina Barton presents Cut Word Flab posted at Kitty’s Inner Thoughts, saying, “One of the most common things a writer is told is show more action with fewer words. It’s not as easy as it sounds but every word must have a purpose in your story.”

Kayfey” “Inprettyprint” & “Angry Goblin” presents My thoughts about the Grand Dame Andre Norton posted at In Pretty Print – A Writing and Artist Life…, saying, “As 2012 was ending, my thoughts turned to one of the most important authors in my life.”

Rolando Garcia presents Should Writers Show, Not Tell? No! Show…and Tell! posted at Rolando’s Website.


white noise falls like snow
upon spring’s first azaleas

at the carnival

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