Third Sunday Blog Carnival: May 2013

Third Sunday Blog CarnivalWelcome to the Third Sunday Blog Carnival!

This month’s blog carnival is brought to you by 17 bloggers: 6 in the Poetry category, 3 in the Fiction category, and 8 in the Writing Life category.

I love it when bloggers tell me that they have formed bonds with fellow blog carnival contributors or that they have found a new favorite writer here. That is what this is all about! So keep supporting each other’s creativity by leaving comments for the authors at their blogs.  Other ways to help are to follow their blogs, Google+ their posts, and share their links on Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, and other social networking sites.  If you know of someone who would enjoy the blog carnival either as a reader or a contributor, please pass this post along.

The next edition of the Blog Carnival will be on June 16. If you want your link to be included, read and follow the guidelines and email your submission by June 10.

Ok, on to the Carnival. Enjoy!

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Emily presents One is Better than None posted at Secrets of the Unseen Poet.

Martin Porter presents Advice to a Squonk (Lachrimacorpus Dissolvens) posted at Poetry Notes and Jottings, saying, “This is a simple poem based on the description of the mythical ‘Squonk,’ offering advice to the poor beast. Although tongue-in-cheek, it has a serious thread reflecting my philosophy of life. Incidently, if you don’t know what a squonk is, it is worth Googling! ”

David Selzer presents An Absence of Starlings posted at David Selzer.

Tehra Burton  presents first love. posted at sex will save us.

Jenna Browning presents warm me up and breathe me posted at Unencumbered Words, saying, “This poem came about as I was trying to put my feelings of depression into words. ”

A. D. Joyce presents the carnival posted at Sweepy Jean Explores the (Webby) World, saying, “From the first edition of the Third Sunday Blog Carnival, I have been ending each post with a verse of original poetry, with the thought of creating a larger work. Here’s a piece of it made from the verses written in 2012. ”


Mihnea  presents Short Story: ‘Disruptive Feelings posted at Voicu Mihnea Simandan, saying, “Women had always been important in my life, especially after I arrived here two years ago. It was during another boring English camp at school when she first noticed me. Or at least that was what she said.”

Jacquitta A. McManus presents Maze-a-thon Adventure posted at Talee’s World, saying, “Talee is back and ready to tell you all about the First Annual Maze-a-thon. It’s a riding race, with each contestant on the back of a calpa—the first one to the finish line wins!”

Anna Ilona Mussmann presents The Socratic Root Vegetable (Flash Fiction) posted at Stories I Tell, saying, “What is the basis of the Equality of Man, especially if you happen to be jailed at the Bastille, with no company other than a turnip?”

The Writing Life

Trish Nicholson presents 6 Good Reasons to Write a One-page Synopsis posted at Words in the Treehouse, saying, “Everyone shudders at the thought of writing a synopsis. When I had to do one, I set out to convince myself of all the reasons why I should. That motivation is here in case you need it. It is the first of two posts; the second one shares how to write one.”

Isabella Harris  presents 28 Blog Featuring Original Short Stories You Can Read for Free posted at Nanny News Network, saying, “You can find tons of free short stories online in every genre, ranging from romance to fantasy to sci-fi . You can also find free kid’s stories online for every age group.”

Chrys Fey presents How To Write Action posted at Write With Fey, saying, “This post provides ten tips on how to write action.”

Kristen Johnson presents Wreck-It Ralph and Character Jobs, Part I posted at A Ghost Writers Blog, saying, “It is hard to separate people from their jobs because one of the first questions we ask in real life is, ‘What do you do?’ Why would your characters be any different?”

Catrina Barton presents Honing Your Craft – Thick Skin posted at Kitty’s Inner Thoughts, saying, “Growing a ‘thick skin’ is vital to the craft of writing. But, do you know why?”

Adrienne Morris  presents Look Mom! No seatbelts or sunscreen! posted at Books at Middlemay Farm.

Kayfey” “Inprettyprint” & “Angry Goblin” presents Notes from the sketchbook posted at In Pretty Print – A Writing and Artist Life…, saying, “When it comes to writing historical fiction, I learned not to feel guilty.”

Rolando Garcia presents Writers, do not let perfection get in the way of success! posted at Rolando’s Website.


time in a frieze
life set apart

at the carnival

© Third Sunday Blog Carnival, 2013


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