Third Sunday Blog Carnival: June 2013

630870_14210985Welcome to the Third Sunday Blog Carnival!

If you are a regular visitor to the blog carnival, you probably have noticed the spirit of diversity and inclusion here, with our contributors  hailing from various countries around the world. One of our US contributors this month offers a post that coincided with the American Mother’s Day, which occurred in May but was submitted too late to be included in last month’s issue. And since today is Father’s Day in the US, I’d like to take this opportunity to shout out parents, mentors, and role models everywhere of either sex regardless of the so-called gender role you fulfill as a nurturer in someone’s life!

This month’s blog carnival is brought to you by 22 bloggers: 11 in the Poetry category, 3 in the Fiction category, and 8 in the Writing Life category.

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The next edition of the Blog Carnival will be on July 21. If you want your link to be included, read and follow the guidelines and email your submission by July 10.

Let the Carnival begin. Enjoy!

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Chelsea Mathews presents You Don’t Know Me posted at Sounds Like Life To Me.

Diane Mottl, MSW presents Window to my soul… posted at Being Truly Present, saying,In my creative writing course, we were given a list of 72 random words and were asked to turn them into a prose poem, a poem, or the beginnings of prose. In the spirit of this blog – where discoveries about oneself often involve stepping outside of one’s comfort zone – I decided to share what I wrote.”

Jon Petruschke presents 06.02.13 dream haiku posted at Basho and Jung, saying, “The haiku I post on my blog are based on the weird, surreal, and occasionally meaningful content of my dreams.”

Latoya Fife presents  Untitled posted at Food for thought, saying, “I started writing poetry when I was 15 years old, it was actually my first love but I fell off as years went by, this post is the first poetic thoughts that came out of my head after a year of not writing any new material. After writing this it opened my appetite and I wrote more and more now I can’t stop and I love it.”

Leogoldi presents Why posted at Heart Of a Soul, saying, “My thoughts just run over and over and tell me what to say and what not to say. But I am still making my way, my peace with it….. “

David Selzer presents An Abridged History of the World posted at David Selzer.

Samara Marie presents A Traveled Road posted at Of Art and Life, saying, “This was the last poem I wrote in 2012. It’s a reflection of how I came to move back to New York City in the summer of 2012 with only a suitcase. I traveled a long, hard road to my happiness, and the experience will always be cherished. Through patience, persistence, and my faith in God, I was able to finally be in a place of happiness at the end of the road. I thank Him for looking after me during my journey, both then and for always.”

Emily presents Runaways posted at Secrets of the Unseen Poet.

Ilavaluthy presents In the Black! posted at This is my World !

R.A.D. presents From Where I Stand posted at RAD is RADically Primetime!,saying, “There’s a reason for my hatred towards political signs: In spite of ther constitutional expression, succession leads toward aggression and continuation establishes scarce positive alteration.”

A. D. Joyce presents rockin’ amazement posted at Sweepy Jean Explores the (Webby) World, saying, “This poem is composed  of song lyrics written by MC/actor Mos Def.”


Kayfey” “Inprettyprint” & “Angry Goblin” presents Infamous “Chick Lit” class assignment – Excuse errors/typos posted at In Pretty Print – A Writing and Artist Life…, saying, “I call this Neo-Gothic Crime. I don’t necessarily want to use the subgenre “Steampunk” since the characters use electricity and other energy sources. Plus, they use similar mobile technology.”

Victor D. López presents Mergs (Or Why Godot Can’t Come . . .) posted at Victor D. López, J.D., Esq., saying , “For the downtrodden in society, life can often appear to have little meaning. It is said that no man is an island, yet there is no shortage of individual islands of despair invisible and unprized by a society only too happy to look beyond their suffering. But what if the least prized amongst us is a god with unwitting dominion over a self-contained universe?”

Laurie Corzett presents patchwork narrative – Substance posted at PostApocalypse, saying, Ellie is an 11-year-old who has been a vampire for well over 100 years. Autumn is a troubled 13 year old mortal, Ellie’s bff.”

The Writing Life

Angela Greenfield presents Creating the Characters posted at, saying, “Every story need correct development of its most important element: the characters.”

Killer presents Writing made easy: Archetypes + Formulas posted at Kill Adjectives, saying, “Choosing Archetypes and Formulas is always a tough decision for a writer. Do you choose to lean on pre-exisiting tools or do you create everything brand new? This article dives into the reason why or why not a writer should choose to use these tools.”

David Leonhardt presents How to write the plot of a story posted at A Ghost Writers Blog, saying, “Here is a generic plot summary (with Infographic) that you can use as a base for your own fiction or other story-type manuscript.”

Bryan Chau presents Lit-terature: Preventing Brain Pollution Before It’s Too Late posted at Success Pen Pal, saying “Literature, books, writings, terms, concepts, success, masterpiece, artists, authors, etc”

Chrys Fey presents How To Write Romance posted at Write With Fey, saying, “This post provided ten tips on how to write romance.”

Trish Nicholson presents How to Cook a Story on a Slow Burner posted at Words in the Treehouse, saying, “Inspiration if you’re stuck for a story idea, and a boost to the doctrine of positive procrastination…”

Shelby Martin presents 21 Blogs Celebrating Moms with the Best Poems and Sayings posted at, saying, “Find sentimental poems or quotes about Mom. Print a favorite quote on linen paper and place it in a decorated frame, or stitch the quote onto a pillow for a fun keepsake.”

Rolando Garcia presents You Want to Be a Traditionally Published Author? Then Self-Publish!posted at Rolando’s Website.


the breath between
lightning and thunde
at the carnival

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