Third Sunday Blog Carnival: August 2013

Blanket SlideWelcome to the Third Sunday Blog Carnival! I hope the writing is going well in your piece of the world.

Poets: Are you interested in entering a contest? This one is being run by Cathleen Bailey, whose work has appeared in several past issues of the blog carnival. The contest is called the Insistent Light, Poetry Competition, inspired by Lucille Clifton’s poem:

…she closed her eyes, afraid to look for her


but the light insists on itself in this world

The deadline is October 30, 2013, and the top finishers will be interviewed on Cathleen’s blog. Click here for submission guidelines and further details.

If you have a contest or other announcement that you think our blog carnival readers would be interested in, let me know via email. I’d be happy to consider posting it out here.

This month’s blog carnival is brought to you by 18 bloggers: 10 in the Poetry category, 3 in the Fiction category, and 5 in the Writing Life category.

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The next edition of the Blog Carnival will be on September  15. If you want your link to be included, read and follow the guidelines and email your submission by September 10.

On to the Carnival. Enjoy!

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Chaki Kobayashi presents Poems for Buddy and Rigs posted at Our Mind Is the Limit, saying,Funny, contrasting poems for my two very different dogs.”

Kerin Gedge  presents A Words posted at The Vocabuverse, saying, “I’m writing a dictionary unlike any you’ve ever seen… Take a mind blowing trip to The Vocabuverse! ”

Roving Jay presents A Poem: Turkish Coffee is my cup of tea posted at Bodrum Travel Guide Turkey, “I’m a British Expat currently living in Los Angeles, with a second home in Turkey. I wrote this poem about my various experiences with the locals on the Bodrum Peninsula. ”

Scott Granberg-Rademacker presents The rainbow’s beginning posted at The Plain House, saying “Sometimes when we go looking for the end result, we find a new beginning.”

Tehra Burton presents Sugar beet… Tell me a story. posted at sex will save us.

Toni presents I Am From Sugar Flowers (Where Are You From?) posted at Wifely Steps, saying, “Sugar flowers, bouganvillas, Post-it notes… what’s that got to do with a legacy poem? Quite a lot.”

A. D. Joyce presents Wisdom posted at Sweepy Jean Explores the (Webby) World, saying, “These are just some thoughts I had on the occasion of my birthday, colored in part by the then recent bombing at the Boston Marathon.”

R.A.D. presents Instantaneous Collages During May posted at RAD is RADically Primetime!, saying, “”Instantaneous collages during May….Convey images of those that run away.  Graffiti galore for creators who need to say….That evolution always evolves, and visuals prevent histories decay.”

David Selzer presents Cecil and Precious posted at David Selzer.

Richard Toney presents Maturity posted at A Book Journey, saying, “This was written on the subject of growing up, and out, into your whole self.”



John Leopold presents The Lord of Breath posted at Trismegistus Nab-tu-we, saying, “This short story is inspired by Roger Zelazny’s novel Lord of Light, but with a focus more suited for my blog.”

Sky presents Snaffery  posted at .

Christine Meunier  presents The Novel posted at , saying, “This is an excerpt from my newly-released novel.”

The Writing Life

Trish Nicholson presents Inside Stories for Writers and Readers posted at Words in the Treehouse.

David Leonhardt presents Point of View – telling the story from somebody’s perspective posted at A Ghost Writers Blog, saying, “Point of view is an important writing tool. The short story example shows how simple it is for words to change one’s point of view.”

Chrys Fey presents Protagonist vs Antagonist posted at Write With Fey, saying, “Protagonists are the main characters in a novel or story whom all the action revolves around. They are the heroes of the story, the ones we are rooting for from beginning to end. An antagonist is a person who opposes, competes with, and fights against the main character in a novel. They are the villain of the story; the ones we are hoping will fall to their demise.”

Kimberley Grabas presents How To Target an Audience (And Avoid Book Launch Flop posted at Your Writer Platform, saying, “One of the biggest mistakes writers make as fledgling authorpreneurs is believing that the larger the potential market, the greater the chances that their book (or freelance services) will get noticed. In fact, the opposite is often true. The larger the market, the more competition you are likely to face and the bigger the drain on your already limited resources. Trying to appeal to the masses instead of understanding the needs, wants and desires of a select few–the ‘right’ few–is the recipe for a book launch flop. Finding and narrowing your niche will help you to reach–-and appeal to–-more of the people who will ultimately buy your book. The key is to identify and research what your true target audience craves, recognize the unique and meaningful aspects of what you have to offer, and align the two to benefit your ideal reader in an exceptional way.”

Diane Mottl, MSW presents Tactile memories… posted at Being Truly Present, saying, “A creative non-fiction piece, that came out of a writing prompt: “Find an object…hold it in your hand, and, with your eyes closed, feel all its textures. Begin to write, using this tactile description to trigger memories, scenes, and metaphors.”


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