Third Sunday Blog Carnival: September 2013

31809_5377Hi, all, and welcome to the Third Sunday Blog Carnival!

Today’s post  is brought to you by 15 bloggers: 4 in the Poetry category, 4 in the Fiction category, and 7 in the Writing Life category.

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On to the Carnival. Enjoy!

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Ebele Mogo presents Dancing in death’s valley posted at Street-side convos.

Markeyus Franks presents Encourage Yourself posted at Live2Conquer, saying, “This is a poem that will motivate and inspire you to keep a positive mindset in life during times of doubt and disbelief.”

David Selzer presents Persephone posted at David Selzer.

A. D. Joyce presents Blood Cousins posted at Sweepy Jean Explores the World.



Bhumika presents Love never dies but destiny always has different plans posted at anoptimistic.

Jessica S. presents The Itsy Bitsy Spider Attacks posted at Jessica Schmeidler, saying;, “The stinkin’ ‘itsy bitsy spider’ came to life right there on the carpet of our living room! Here’s the short story of what happened.”

Amrita Goswami presents Invisible  posted at The Mobius Strip, saying, “This is a short story based on my first infatuation.”

Christine Meunier  presents Horse Country by Christine Meunier ~*~ Excerpt ~*~ posted at , saying, “An excerpt from recently released novel Horse Country – A World of Horses. ”

The Writing Life

Kidmondo presents Writing a Welcome Letter to Your Baby to Include in Your Baby Book posted at Kidmondo, saying, “A baby book isn’t just a keepsake for recording a child’s milestones. It’s also a place to record your own feelings along the way, from hopes and fears to celebrations and major life changes. One way to make it feel like a special story for your little one is to write a welcome letter for your baby to include in your baby book.”

Catrina Barton presents Street Teams – Marketing Mondays. posted at Kitty’s Inner Thoughts, saying, “Do you have a Street Team for your books? How else will you spread the word about your works?”

Bryan Chau presents Secrets To eBook Publishing Success! posted at Success Pen Pal.

Chrys Fey presents How to Build Suspense posted at Write With Fey.

Ashen Venema presents … the mystery of thoughts … posted at Course of Mirrors.

Laura Hedgecock presents Write a letter to yourself or bully or …. posted at Treasure Chest of Memories, saying, “ In this post, I suggest writing a rhetorical letter to your past or future self, future child, or—well, anyone. Such rhetorical letters show and tell your memories and how these memories affected you.”

Hazel Longuet presents Imagination Gives You Wings posted at A Novel Experience, saying, “When we write, we fly into a world of our own creation full of amazing people and exciting scenes, which is exactly what I love most about writing–unlocking my mind and allowing my imagination to fly. But what can you do to tap into that creative flow when the dreaded writer’s block hits?”


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