Third Sunday Blog Carnival: October 2013

28400_8985Welcome to the Third Sunday Blog Carnival!

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On to the Carnival. Enjoy!

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Ebele Mogo presents I don’t know how to keep a man. posted at Street-side convos, saying, “This poem is about true love.”

David Selzer presents Music of the Spheres posted at David Selzer.

R.A.D. presents As Gentleman Scrutinize Potential Brides posted at RAD is RADically Primetime!, saying, “”Even if vagary controls the sudden and adolescent capabilities…Happiness is inevitable through compassion; not dedications to medieval, and inhumane, amenities.”



Amrita Goswami presents The Irregular Painting  posted at The Mobius Strip, saying, “This is a short story  about a talented but unconventional painter and her struggle to conform and be recognized.”

The Writing Life

Kayfey” “Inprettyprint” & “Angry Goblin” presents Yes, Baby “Life Ain’t No Crystal Stair”(R) and Neither is the Writing Life posted at In Pretty Print – A Writing and Artist Life…, saying, “How one of my favorite childhood poems sounds like a perfect metaphor to the writer’s life.”

S. K. Smith presents ELM (part 2) – Thug Notes does Hamlet posted at smithsk, saying, “As students seek tutoring to understand math and science, so do us regular folks need a little help to appreciate and understand the classics in literature.  Fortunately, there are many great resources on the web – Cliff Notes, Spark Notes, Thug Notes – some academic, but the most effective done with humor and in the language of the street.”

David Leonhardt presents A contract and a murder, and this is not even fiction posted at A Ghost Writers Blog, saying, “See how proofreading can save a person from more than just being caught in an endless loop geography test. It could even save you from murder.”

Catrina Barton presents Small Success. posted at Kitty’s Inner Thoughts, saying, “Every success counts, even the small ones. Here is how to turn a small success into a huge morale boost.”

Bryan Chau presents Fair Use Or Abuse – Copyright Edition For Indie Authors posted at Success Pen Pal.

Chrys Fey presents How to Create Mystery posted at Write With Fey, saying, “Mystery is not just a genre but an emotion that can be used in any story. Here are ten tips to help you create mystery in your story.”

David Pikka presents The Inspiration Enigma posted at A Haphazard Universe; The Adventure Begins, saying, “This post is a comedic rant on the woes of trying to self-inspire and the inconveniences of the timing which inspiration chooses to come to us.”

Diane Mott, MSW presents And the winner is… posted at Being Truly Present, saying, “A humorous creative non-fiction piece based on the writing prompt: What keeps you from writing? What helps you? What happens when you change your routine? Includes writing quotes”

Trish Nicholson presents Writing Distinctive Voices posted at Words in the Treehouse, saying, “Don’t be intimidated by people who tell you not to use dialects and accents in your writing. Speech patterns are a valuable source of character voice and there are ways of using them that don’t slow down the reading.”

Cathleen Bailey presents The Monkey’s Paw posted at Cathleen Bailey, saying, “ This post is about the importance of creating a believable environment for compelling characters.”

Iulian Ionescu presents Quick Manuscript Editing Tips posted at Fantasy Scroll.


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