Third Sunday Blog Carnival: November 2013

367331_2775Welcome to the Third Sunday Blog Carnival!

If you have ever wanted your blog post to be included in the carnival, now is truly your last chance. The December 2013 edition will be the last issue for which I will accept submissions. Starting in January 2014, the monthly posts will contain literary news and the like, so I hope you still will tune in.

If you are on Twitter, use the hashtag #blogcarn to tweet your blog posts and books and I will retweet your links. You can help as well: Retweet any tweets you see with the hashtag #blogcarn or even search for it, as well. Let’s continue to support each other’s writing. You can follow Third Sunday Blog Carnival on Twitter @thirdsundaybc.

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The next edition of the Blog Carnival will be on December  15. If you want your link to be included, read and follow the guidelines and email your submission by December 10.

On to the Carnival. Enjoy!

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David Selzer presents The Abattoir at Mazingarbe posted at David Selzer.


Dhamy presents Alive at Hearts and Stuff, saying, “This short story is a prologue to the series.”

Kimberly Raya presents The (F)law of Attraction posted at Let Me Reach With Kim Saeed, saying, “A flash-fiction work that illustrates what can happen when the Law of Attraction is used for selfish purposes…”

Chaki Kobayashi presents Sinking through the Depths posted at Our Mind Is the Limit, saying, “Part 1 of a tragic 3-part story of two lovers after a bad car accident.”

William and Tracy Minor present The Judge was about to give the verdict when…… posted at Inspiration For Chiristians, saying, “This article is an allegory of the sacrifice that Jesus made for all of us on the cross.”

The Writing Life

Jon presents How To Stop Procrastinating And Turn Pro posted at Comfort Pit, saying, “This article discusses what psychologists and successful authors have to say about procrastination.”

David Leonhardt presents 10 hit songs blasting the music industry posted at The Happy Guy, saying, “Some big names like Billy Joel, Pink, and The Kinks have had hits with song lyrics that blast the hand that feeds them. Here are ten such songs, with videos and lyrics included.”

Chrys Fey presents How To Write A Short Story posted at Write With Fey, saying,”Writing a short story is just like writing a novel. You will need an idea that you can lay on a page to blaze into a story.”

Diane Mott, MSW presents Scars, scratches and letting go… posted at Being Truly Present, saying, “A humorous creative non-fiction piece based on the writing prompt: What keeps you from writing? What helps you? What happens when you change your routine? Includes writing quotes.”


367331_2775Thanks for reading!
© Third Sunday Blog Carnival, 2013


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